Swedish governments tough lesson with criminal winning this time

In a story that is hard to believe, the Swedish government is now having to fork out cash to pay back a convicted drug dealer. In an unexpected win for the unlawful individual, he will now receive USD$1.6M after his illegal gains skyrocketed while he was in jail. The police seized 36 bitcoins at the time of the arrest as the btc was gained through illegal means and worth USD$130K. As we know the crypto markets can move in wild swings and provide positive returns. In this situation, by the time the 36 btc were auctioned the bitcoin price mooned!
As a result of the price action, only three bitcoins had to be sold to cover the original dollar value of the bitcoin, leaving 33 btc to be returned to the criminal and now worth a whopping USD$1.6M. Do the crime, you do the time… but on this occasion walking free with a massive windfall. The lesson is that the value should be retained in bitcoin, not a fiat currency value. 1 Bitcoin is 1 Bitcoin. Here the criminal actually wins with a prison sentence and lack of knowledge by the prosecutors.
Who would have thought that prison would be a great opportunity to enforce HODL. Most people don’t have the patience and sell their bitcoin too early. As Plan B recently pointed out, nobody who has purchased bitcoin and hodled for four plus years has ever lost money. Bitcoin superannuation is an option to hodl bitcoin. An enforced government policy where employers are required to pay the super guarantee for the employees future retirement.

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