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Investing in crypto assets and storing them securely is difficult and time consuming. From trusting exchanges to hold your funds, choosing the most effective method of purchase, calculating tax obligations, and knowing how to manage wallet security, the barriers to investing remain high. Superannuation makes buying digital assets like Bitcoin as easy as buying shares.

Bitcoin Day in El Salvador

The 7th of September is known in El Salvador as Bitcoin day after the government passed a law to enable btc to be used as legal tender in transactions of goods and services.

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The Bitcoin pioneer Hal Finney

Hal Finney is a pioneer of the Bitcoin community and his legacy lives on as global adoption gains momentum. With a software engineering background he was able to interact with Satoshi to receive the first ever bitcoin transaction.

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El Salvador accepting Bitcoin as legal tender

El Salvador is set to accept bitcoin as legal tender on the 7th of September, the first county to do so. Bitcoin adoption in the country is on the rise for citizens and small businesses with the legal tender status about to propel adoption even further.

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