Why should you buy bitcoin with your superannuation? With the price of btc currently hovering around USD$18,000 per coin, owning one or several bitcoins seems out of reach for everyday Australians. Wage income generally services mortgage debt with minimal savings left to invest in digital currency. Superannuation unlocks the potential for people to invest and purchase bitcoin with a long-term retirement view. Monthly or quarterly contributions can be dollar cost averaged into the bitcoin investment portfolio. Within the 4-year halving cycles, there are obviously better times to buy than others and this can be quite challenging to predict. Therefore the recurring DCA method is best for new bitcoin investors. DCA is the process of scaling into a position with a number of years as an investment time horizon. A similar process to the DCA entry strategy can be used to exit a position. Again, as with the entry position where the emphasis is not on executing a one-off full position trade in attempting to buy the exact bottom of the market, the exit strategy is not attempting to sell the exact top with one trade, rather selling out of the position over the course of a few months.

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