Bitcoin is currently a drop in the ocean of superannuation assets

The total amount of bitcoin held in Australian self-managed superannuation funds is currently immaterial in relation to the $2.9 trillion that is held under management with traditional investments, specifically the property and equity markets. The SMSF assets invested and held by Australians total $676bn, with less than 1% of this portfolio as BTC. Get off zero helps Australians redirect their superannuation contributions to bitcoin and educates the population as to why this should be a priority as the supply of btc reduces over the halving cycles. Most Australians don’t have the liquid cash savings to buy bitcoin, however the average superannuation for someone in their 40’s is close to $100,000. By accessing these funds through the SMSF vehicle, individuals can purchase bitcoin and hold as a long term investment. It is already common practise in America to store bitcoin in retirement plans and that trend is taking off in Australia as people research the fundamental principles as to why btc is going to be a better store of value (SOV) than gold in the long run.

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