The Bitcoin sign guy

Following on from the Infrastructure bill article, and keeping with a political theme, the bitcoin sign guy was an iconic moment on July 12th 2017. It was the day that Christian Langalis held up a “Buy Bitcoin” sign behind the Fed chair and with that became one of the greatest crypto claims to fame events of all time. He was at the hearing on work duty, taking notes and gathering information for his employer at the time. It was a spur of the moment decision to write on his yellow note pad and hold up the sign and with that, global recognition. It instantly lit up twitter and his phone was inundated with messages from his friends and work colleagues. He’s kept a relatively low profile in the years that have passed but recounts the story of the bitcoin he received after the stunt. A friend told him to post his bitcoin address before someone else posted theirs with a doctored picture of him. He reluctantly did it and went on to receive approximately 7 bitcoin from the generous crypto community, at the time worth around USD$16,000. It’s unsure if he hodl the bitcoin, today’s value would be over USD$300,000, though has previously said that he has over 95% of his wealth in crypto assets. Therefore likely has a U.S version of bitcoin superannuation for his retirement funds. These sorts of stunts certainly gain attention, especially at such a hearing of global banking power. Bitcoin has so much potential to challenge the current banking and financial framework as cutting edge technology continues to evolve this digital asset into the future.  

Here’s another bitcoin sign at a college football game from 2013. The guy was sent 23 bitcoin, at the time worth USD$26,000, now would be worth over USD$1M. Fair to say, asking Mom for cash, he likely doesn’t still hodl that bitcoin.

Quick extension from the previous post, Ted Cruz sums up the situation well when it comes to those that don’t understand the fundamentals of bitcoin.

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