Bitcoin Superannuation

Bitcoin Superannuation enables Australians to gain access to the emerging digital currency asset class to buy bitcoin with their superannuation. Traditionally, retail superannuation funds invest primarily in a diversified portfolio of equities and real estate with no investment exposure to bitcoin. As the global financial system becomes increasingly digital, the adoption of bitcoin and other digital assets increase. The utility qualities of bitcoin over traditional store of value (SOV) assets like gold are the reason that millennials and younger generations are investing their superannuation in bitcoin rather than the retail superannuation fund portfolio allocations. The bitcoin superannuation site provides resources and tools for educational purposes to enable individuals to a gain clear insight to this exciting and emerging industry. There is often a lot of noise associated with the digital currency space, so the aim is to provide clarity on both the positive and negative factors that can move the price of bitcoin, often in a rapid pace and in either direction. The micro view is less relevant to the long term macro view for bitcoin in that the digitally scarce asset has been on a 10 year plus appreciation chart that began with the Satoshi creation in 2009. The volatile cycles that have occurred within this 10-year time frame can be attributed to a number of global economic factors which will aim to be covered in future posts. A key investment strategy that the Bitcoin Superannuation community follows is dollar cost averaging (DCA). It is the process of purchasing recurring amounts of bitcoin overtime to build a long-term position. Given that ones superannuation has a long-term investment horizon, the DCA strategy is the perfect fit for investing superannuation in bitcoin. It is the goal of to enable Australians to gain access to bitcoin with their super in a seamless process and the bitcoin is secure with trusted custodial partners.

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