Bitcoin Self Managed Superannuation Fund

Currently, a bitcoin self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) is the only way for Australians to gain access to the emerging digital asset class that is set to revolutionise not only global payments, but the traditional safe haven asset of gold. Investors are gradually transitioning their gold portfolio to bitcoin, and the reason why bitcoin is now also known as digital gold. With many utility advantages over gold, bitcoin has the ability to be transferred globally in seconds and at a fraction of the price compared to using the international banking system. Bitcoin SMSF’s commonly use the dollar cost average (DCA) investment strategy to accumulate bitcoin in their superannuation portfolios. DCA is a well known approach to purchasing shares in equity markets, where the emphasis is not on trying to time the bottom of a market cycle to buy or the top of the market to sell, rather a regular purchase over time to accumulate or gain a long term position. The DCA approach is the perfect strategy for bitcoin purchases due to the volatility and sometimes extreme price movements. Given that the DCA method is an accumulation game, it is the ideal fit for a superannuation retirement portfolio. The get off zero campaign is helping Australians join the 21 million club on the journey towards a financially independent lifestyle.

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