Self Managed Super Funds Pros and Cons

One of the things that people rely on after they have retired is their superannuation fund. They use this to invest in different assets and continue to gain profit even after they work. Some people even manage their funds by themselves. But doing this takes a lot of commitment.  

Managing super funds might not be something for everyone. So, before you decide to handle your super fund, there are self-managed super funds pros and cons you need to consider. 

Are Self-Managed Super Funds for You? 

A self-managed super fund is considered to be one of the best ways to invest in your future. You get to have a lot of control when it comes to where you want your money to go.  

But as rewarding as it is, this kind of super fund is not meant for everyone. There are a lot of factors that make SMSFs very difficult for some people. That is why, if you are planning to manage your super, you must understand first what it takes to handle it. By doing so, you get to decide if it is something you can do.  

To help determine if an SMSF is for you, here are some things you need to consider:  


Before you decide to get an SMSF, you need to make sure you are ready to deal with the complexity of its structure and processes. If you have no idea how it works, you won’t be able to take care of it correctly.  

Now, if you are up for that kind of challenge, then go ahead. Otherwise, you may need to consider another route.   


If you want to manage your super fund, you need to adhere to all the rules and regulations mandated by the law. This makes your fund credible and eligible to make investments.  

Without the right requirements, you won’t be able to procure assets using your super fund. If you cannot provide what is needed for your SMSF, you might need your super fund to be managed by someone else.  


Super funds and investments revolve around money. So, make sure you can pay up the amount needed to make an investment. This also means you must also put in your contribution to your super fund. If there is not enough funding for your investment, you may have a hard time getting something in return.  


The last thing you need to consider is how capable you are of taking care of your super fund. This can be affected by your status in life.  

If you are done with expenses like mortgages or children’s education, you may be able to take care of your self-managed super fund. But if you are still busy with a lot of other things, things can become harder for you. You will need to put a lot of focus on your super fund if you want it to work.  

The Pros and Cons of SMSFs  

A lot of people use their self-managed super funds to invest in their retirement. This is their safety net to make sure they can still live comfortably after they stop working.  

Certain self-managed super fund benefits and risks can make people question if an SMSF is for them. Just like any kind of endeavour, there are a lot of self-managed super funds pros and cons that you may encounter.  

To help you decide if an SMSF is for you, assess these things:  


Tax Benefits  

One of the benefits that people love the most about SMSFs is the fact that they offer a lot of tax benefits. If you are a trustee, you are entitled to a reduced tax rate through your super. And when you retire, you don’t need to worry about the capital gain tax. And the maximum tax rate of your SMSF is only 15%.   

Rare Investments  

Unlike other kinds of superannuation funds, you are given more freedom with your investments with an SMSF. You can invest in more assets that are not available when it comes to other super funds.  

With an SMSF, you can invest in art, collectables, and even Bitcoin investments in Australia. There is only a limited exception when it comes to the assets you can invest in with your self-managed super fund.   


Another one of the best benefits when it comes to SMSFs is that you can have a lot of control over it. You get to make quick decisions about how you wish to use your fund. This allows you to make certain changes based on how the market has changed as well.  


If you are planning on investing in something big, you can pool your SMSF with other investors, so you can have a shared investment. This way, you can procure assets that are hard to obtain on your own.  



A self-managed super fund is a lot of responsibility, you can’t just sit back and wait for it to grow. It requires a lot of focus and dedication. You need to create your investment strategy when it comes to an SMSF.  


If your SMSF doesn’t comply with the law, there may be a lot of fines you need to deal with. If your SMSF isn’t following the rules, you are sure to get in a lot of trouble.   

Regulation Changes  

One annoying thing you have to deal with when it comes to SMSFs is that the regulations are always changing. This means you need to stay updated with the regulations because what is okay today might not be said tomorrow.  


Self-managed super funds will take up a lot of your time. If you are busy with something else, you might not be able to handle your SMSF in the best way. You need to ask yourself if self-managed super funds are worth it if you lose time for other things.   

Is an SMSF for You?  

Now that you know the self-managed super funds’ pros and cons, it’s time for you to decide if it is something you are willing to handle. Start investing your self-managed super fund now! Get to know more about Bitcoin investments at Bitcoin Superannuation. For more information about this, you can send us a message through the contact form on our website. 

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