Popularity of Bitcoin self managed super funds on the rise

Australians can use the framework of a self managed superannuation fund as an opportunity to purchase bitcoin and boost their retirement investments. Bitcoin is outperforming many of the traditional investments like real estate and equities with it equated to a digital land grab due to its fundamental scarcity nature. Many forecasts are for a spike in global adoption as technology continues to evolve and easy on-ramps for anyone with a smart phone to have access to bitcoin, no matter your background or the country you live.
A key reason that Australians are turning to a SMSF is the investment flexibility. You have control over the assets you choose to invest in and the allocation. This is done via the trust deed of the SMSF and the investment strategy that you chose, often done with the consultation of a professional advisor or tax agent specialist. The option to direct your superannuation capital allocation to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies or traditional shares and even antiques and art gives Australians a greater control over their future and retirement than you would otherwise have with a retail superannuation fund. It is important when transacting that any purchase or sale of an asset is done at arm’s length. This is a transaction between two separate parties that is independent and both individuals are using their own self-interest when interacting. Each party wishes to obtain the best outcome through a strong negotiation period to settle on a deal. This deal would represent a fair market value where the buyer would be attempting to purchase at the lowest possible price and where the seller is trying to get the highest possible price to get the deal across the line. It is through the back and forth discussions that a price is settled on and therefore reflecting a fair market value for the transaction. With respect to a self managed super fund, you could not sell a property that is owned by your SMSF to a family member for a lower price. One might think it is genuinely ok to do this, given the heated housing market that is continuing to lock out younger Australians from the home buyer market. It would be a way for a parent to give a child a leg-up to enter the market. However the rules do not allow for this to happen and if such a transaction were to occur, then it would have to be at a fair market value.
A great benefit is that a SMSF is generally taxed at a concessional rate of 15% if it is deemed to be a complying fund. That is, the self managed superannuation fund abides by the rules and follows the investment strategy that is set out in the trust deed of the fund. It’s just another reason that many Australians are choosing bitcoin superannuation with a SMSF to invest and gain greater control over their futures to live a retirement they’ve always dreamed of.

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