The U.S Infrastructure bill and its effect on crypto

The U.S senate is currently deliberating over a USD$1.2T Infrastructure bill that is on a knifes edge of getting passed. Although the crypto component of the bill is only small in relation to the wider scope of the bill which has greater focus on roads & bridges, power, rail, and broadband networks, should the documentContinue reading “The U.S Infrastructure bill and its effect on crypto”

Why dollar cost average into bitcoin

Dollar cost average has proven to be and will continue to be the best way for individuals to gain a bitcoin investment position personally or via a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF). There are pros and cons to both but with the price of the digitally scarce bitcoin continuing its upward trajectory, the bitcoin SMSF optionContinue reading “Why dollar cost average into bitcoin”

The beginnings of superannuation in Australia

Superannuation provides an income in retirement with the aim for people to be as financially independent from the government as possible once they leave the workforce. Superannuation builds up over ones working years through compulsory contributions and employees adding additional amounts to their super should they wish to. The generous tax benefits are an incentiveContinue reading “The beginnings of superannuation in Australia”

The greatest asymmetric bet of our lifetime

An asymmetric bet is where the potential upside gain is greater than the loss to the downside. For example, with the current price per bitcoin at approximately USD$40,000, a bitcoin asymmetric bet would be something like, in the next five years, on the downside of the bet, the price of bitcoin might go USD$20,000 butContinue reading “The greatest asymmetric bet of our lifetime”

How does bitcoin combat inflation

Many avid cryptocurrency technologists believe that everyone should hold a portion of their asset allocation in crypto, in particular, bitcoin to combat the risk of inflation through the ever-increasing money supply. There is a narrative that inflation will continue at unprecedented rates as central banks flood the money markets with “stimulus” in an attempt toContinue reading “How does bitcoin combat inflation”

Popularity of Bitcoin self managed super funds on the rise

Australians can use the framework of a self managed superannuation fund as an opportunity to purchase bitcoin and boost their retirement investments. Bitcoin is outperforming many of the traditional investments like real estate and equities with it equated to a digital land grab due to its fundamental scarcity nature. Many forecasts are for a spikeContinue reading “Popularity of Bitcoin self managed super funds on the rise”

Bitcoin hovering as a mainstream superannuation option with a self managed super fund

There is a lot of noise in bitcoin superannuation emerging industry. People who read headlines and only scratch the surface would be conned into thinking that bitcoin is fool’s gold. However, for those who scratch a little further in the search of truth and make a facts-based decision on bitcoin as a genuine self managedContinue reading “Bitcoin hovering as a mainstream superannuation option with a self managed super fund”

Bitcoin Blockchain

Bitcoin is a monetary network that is stored on a global distributed network called the blockchain. All transactions that are recorded on the blockchain are confirmed and verified by multiple nodes on the network to ensure its immutability. The fact that these nodes are run on individual computers worldwide means that there is no oneContinue reading “Bitcoin Blockchain”

Elon on negative interest rates

The B Word event was held recently with the likes of Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey and Cathie Wood as key speakers. The forum was put together to provide more information for institutions to be able to gain greater clarity on how to embrace a bitcoin strategy. That strategy might be accepting btc as a paymentContinue reading “Elon on negative interest rates”